Recruitment Events

Formal recruitment is the main process that Delta Gamma at the University of Hartford uses to recruit new collegiate members. Formal Recruitment is conducted over a one week period every spring semester and consists of three rounds of events that allow potential members the opportunity to learn about each sorority at Hartford as well as what it means to join a sorority. The Panhellenic Association is the coordinating body for recruitment which is traditionally known as "Rush." During the recruitment events women will have the time to ask questions about sorority activities, financial obligations, new member programs, scholarship, community service and sorority life in general. 

In Delta Gamma, we pride ourselves on being individuals. Through our diversity of personalities and interests we are able to strengthen our bonds of sisterhood. We are looking for women who will bring the qualities that our members themselves hold such as: strong moral character, desire to belong to an organization with high ideals and a strong sisterhood, achieving academic potential, varied leadership positions, activities and talents, and desire for service to others.