Philanthropy Events

In 1871, the Founders of Delta Gamma adopted the motto "Do Good." Today, Delta Gamma collegians nationwide strive to uphold this ideal through our annual philanthropy fundraisers Anchorman and Anchorslam. Anchorslam is held in the fall semester. Men and women participate in a basketball tournament and compete for the winning title. This event also includes the Most Beautiful Eyes contest. Those who attend the event vote for the photo of the most beautiful eyes.

Anchorman is an exciting event that is held during the spring semester. Men from fraternities are able to present their talents to the campus community. The winner is awarded the title of our Anchor Man of the year. Funds from these events support Delta Gamma's Philanthropies; Service for Sight, Scholarships, Fellowships and Loans, Values and Ethics Lectureships, as well as a number of educational programs for our members.